Dr. Rajesh Gandhi
Hon. President, BOS

Dr. Neeraj Bijlani
Hon. Secretary, BOS

Convener of all Master Shares & Master Cares Series: Dr. Satish Mutha (Vice President, BOS)
The Master Cares Master Shares initiative was started in 2008-2009 as a novel idea for partaking in in-depth discussions on a focussed aspect in various specialities of Orthopaedics. Over the past several years it has witnessed a rich plethora of topics and enjoyed popularity as a value addition to the academic traditions of BOS. The AGM of 2015 and 2016 entrusted the responsibility of designing and conducting the series to the Hon. Vice-President of the association. This will be the 7th edition as a flagship activity; it’s a proud privilege to have the opportunity to weave it around a central theme spanning all specialities. Orthopaedic Practise has witnessed immense advances and diversification over the past two decades. Of particular significance is the way they approach to treatment of certain common conditions has radically changed. We have therefore put the spotlight on these big ideas in a detailed overview; as they deserve centre-stage.

Elbow – Opening the Pandora’s Box

  • Sunday, 8th May, 2022
  • Convener: Dr. Prakash Samant
  • Scientific Convener: Dr. Satish Mutha

Hip Hip Hooray

  • Sunday, 3rd July, 2022
  • Convener: Prof. Pradeep Bhosale
  • Scientific Convener: Dr. Satish Mutha

Hand Trauma

  • Sunday, 4th September, 2022
  • Convener: Dr. Pankaj Ahire
  • Scientific Convener: Dr. Satish Mutha

Peri Prosthetic Joint Infections and Peri Prosthetic Fracture

  • Sunday, 6th November , 2022
  • Convener: Dr. Vaibhav Bagaria
  • Scientific Convener: Dr. Satish Mutha

Growth mein Ghadbad: Decoding physeal injuries in children

  • Sunday, 15th January, 2023
  • Convener: Dr. Atul Bhaskar
  • Scientific Convener: Dr. Satish Mutha

Fractures Around the Knee

  • Sunday, 5th March, 2023
  • Convener: Dr. Raman Umralkar
  • Scientific Convener: Dr. Satish Mutha

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