• 3 - 5 November, 2022
    • Convener: Dr. Mandar V. Agashe
    • BJ Wadia Hospital, Parel
      SRCC Children's Hospital, Haji Ali
      Pinnacle Hospital, Thane

    BOS Member:
    21,240/- (Including GST)
    BOS Non-Member:
    23,600/- (Including GST)

Convener: Dr. Mandar V. Agashe (Mob: +91 9920023246)
Co-Convener: Dr. Sandeep Vaidya (Mob: +91 9833285817)
Maximum Delegates: 15
Course Fees: BOS Member:
18,000 + 3,240 (18% GST) = 21,240/-

BOS Non-Member:
20,000 + 3,600 (18% GST) = 23,600/-
Date: 3 - 5 November, 2022
Venue: BJ Wadia Hospital, Parel
SRCC Children's Hospital, Haji Ali
Pinnacle Hospital, Thane

Proposed Faculty

Dr. Taral Nagda, Dr. Rujuta Mehta, Dr. Alaric Aroojis, Dr. Atul Bhaskar, Dr. Sandeep Patwardhan, Dr. Binoti Sheth, Dr. Tushar Agarwal, Dr. Sandeep Vaidya, Dr. Swapnil M. Keny,
Dr. Dominic Dsilva, Dr. Chasanal Rathod, Dr. Jaideep Dhamele, Dr. Ratna Maheshwari, Dr. Chintan Doshi, Dr. Arjun Dhawale, Dr. Avi Shah, Dr. Mandar Agashe

Course Highlights

The Bombay Orthopaedic society “Advanced Operative Paediatric Orthopaedic course” is one of the foremost teaching programs for Paediatric Orthopaedics, with delegates coming in from all over the country and abroad. This year, we aim to continue our tradition of providing an in-depth understanding of all aspects of Paediatric and Adolescent hip surgeries by a combination of didactic lectures, Case discussions, pre-operative planning sessions and most importantly operative demonstrations. Operative demonstrations would include 10-15 surgeries which will be divided into themes for every day for better understanding and discussions.

Proposed surgeries to be shown:
1) DDH - management in all ages from infancy to adolescence
2) Perthes disease - All aspects of surgical management from basic Femoral and pelvic osteotomies to intra-articular procedures
4) Septic hip sequelae / coxa vara and other hip conditions
5) Hip issues in cerebral palsy

The delegates will be able to observe the surgeries in the theatre as well as in the doctors’ lounge as a live relay and also in some locations, can scrub in. There will be in-depth case presentations and discussions about every case pre-operatively. The resource material for the course will be a literature guide for many of the modern as well as classic articles in paediatric hip surgeries which will be given to every delegate.

Format and Pattern

The course will be a combination of operative live demonstrations of various paediatric and adolescent hip surgeries along with didactic lectures about the basic concepts of hip osteotomies and interactive case discussions.

Learning Material

Latest articles about paediatric hip surgeries

Core competencies to be achieved

Basics of paediatric and adolescent hip surgeries.
Concepts of hip preservation surgeries.

Who can attend this Course

For attending this course, it is advisable for the candidate to have some basic training in paediatric orthopaedics to be able to derive the maximum benefit out of it.


Delegates who want to cancel their registration must notify the BOS Secretariat in writing. 15% amount will be deducted for cancellation one month before the course. The cancellation amount is in addition to the GST paid which will not be refunded. No refund, if cancelled less than a month before the commencement of the course. All refunds will be made by online, only after the respective courses gets over. Candidates who are not selected will be given 100% refund. BOS will not be responsible for any untoward incident (natural or unnatural) due to which the candidate is not able to attend the course.

Course Refunds Disclaimer

It needs to be noted that any course of the BOS may be cancelled or postponed or its program may be altered / modified depending upon the situation prevalent in the country in view of the COVID-19 infection, rules and regulations by the Central Government, State Government, Municipal Corporations of the cities in which the courses are held and the institutes in which the courses are conducted.

The Bombay Orthopaedic Society will try and intimate the course delegates in advance in such circumstances. However, it may not be possible for the BOS to intimate or inform the delegates in reasonable time, in case the courses need to be cancelled at a shorter notice.

In such a case, the rules of course fees refund will apply. The BOS or its Executive Council cannot be held liable and responsible for any financial losses, which may result due to course cancellation including travel expenses, residential and logistical expenses. Such Expenses shall not be reimbursed to the delegates.


Delegates will be provided with E-Certificates for courses conducted by Bombay Orthopaedic Society. The certificates can be downloaded from BOS Website ( Each delegate will be provided with a unique username and password. Once logged in, delegates will be able to see a list of all the courses they attended. Option to download E-Certificates will be activated ONLY after submitting the feedback for respective courses.


  • All events conducted by BOS are subject to availability of faculty and adequate number of delegates.
  • The organizers may change the dates, venue and faculty or may cancel the course in the unforeseen circumstances.
  • All events organised by BOS including Courses, Clinical Meetings, Master Series, Conferences including WIROC, are scientific deliberations for registered Orthopaedic delegates only, besides special invitees of the Executive Council.
  • All scientific deliberations are not open to non-orthopaedic surgeons.
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