• Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital
    • Sunday, 3rd July 2022
    • Convener: Prof. Pradeep Bhosale
    • Scientific Convener: Dr. Satish Mutha


Date: Sunday, 3rd July 2022
Convener: Prof. Pradeep Bhosale
Co-Convener: Dr. Girish Dewnany
Scientific Convener: Dr. Satish Mutha
Hon. President: Dr. Rajesh Gandhi
Hon. Secretary: Dr. Neeraj Bijlani


HIP HIP HURRAY — A Master class in Hip Arthroplasty (Primary/Complex Primary)

Time Topic
09.00 - 09.05 am Introduction: Dr. Satish Mutha
09.05 - 10.05 am SESSION 1: Basics of Hip Arthroplasty - Revisited
(8 mins each) Version and Offset in Total Hip Arthroplasty - Well Begun is Half done: Dr. Girish Dewnany
Bearing Options and Head Size - Evidence based approach: Dr. Vaibhav Kasodekar
Implant Options - Making the right choice!
Cemented Femoral Stem - Still the Gold Standard? Dr. Atul Panghate
Un-cemented Femoral Stems - Making sense of what is available: Dr. Anoop Dhamangaonkar
Acetabular Options (except Dual Mobility) - To cement or Not? Dr. Sanjay Londhe
Dual Mobility Systems - The New Kid on the block: Dr. Rahul Khot
10 mins Q&A
10.05 - 10.45 am
(8 mins each)
SESSION 2: Hip Arthroplasty in Complex Scenarios - Getting it Right the First Time (GIRF) - Tips N Tricks
Hip Arthroplasty in Protrusio Hip Deformity: Prof. Mohan Desai
Hip Arthroplasty in Ankylosed/Fused Hips: Prof. Pradeep Bhosale
Hip Arthroplasty in Dysplastic Hips: Dr. Darius Soonawala
Hip Arthroplasty in Post TB Hip Pathology: Prof. Pradeep Bhosale
10 mins Q&A
10.50 - 11.00 am COFFEE BREAK & Company Talk
11.00 - 12.00 noon SESSION 3: The Unhappy Hip Arthroplasty - A Damsel in Distress
(8 mins each) Assessing The Painful Hip Arthroplasty - Differentials galore: Dr. Sanjay Londhe
MRI scans in assessing the painful hip Arthroplasty - New Insights: Dr. Aditya Daftary
Aseptic Loosening - Presentation & Differential: Dr. Darius Soonawala
Limb Length Discrepancy - Litigation risks! Dr. Harish Bhende
Instability post Hip Arthroplasty - Prevention better than Cure: Dr. S. R. Mukhi
Periprosthetic Femoral Fractures post Hip Arthroplasty - Fix or Revise: Dr. Sunil Shahane
10 mins Q&A
12.00 - 12.40 pm SESSION 4: Hip Arthroplasty in Complicated Trauma - A Case based discussion
(8 mins each) Total Hip Arthroplasty post Acetabular Fracture - Not for the Novice! Prof. Mohan Desai
Hip Arthroplasty post Failed Proximal Femoral Fracture fixation - Can be a challenge! Dr. Vaibhav Bagaria
Coxa Femoral Bypass in Extra capsular Proximal Femur Fractures - Aviable option: Dr. Harish Bhende
Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty gone wrong - Be Prepared!: Dr. Girish Dewnany
10 mins Q&A
Panelists - Dr. Satish Modi, Dr. C. J. Thakkar, Dr. P. Kothadia
12.55 - 1.00 pm Vote of Thanks / Concluding Remarks: Prof. Bhosale, Dr. Rajesh Gandhi, Dr. Satish Mutha
01.00 pm onwards LUNCH at Venue
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